Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Form

If your procedure is at SJOG Midland your Admission Form MUST be sent to the hospital before your procedure. You may post, fax, email or deliver it to the hospital. SJOG Mt Lawley, Hollywood Private Hospital and Glengarry Private Hospital have online admission forms. Please follow the link provided in the email we have sent you.


You DO NOT need a prescription for the laxative that will clean out your bowel. It can be purchased from most pharmacies.

Bowel Preparation

It is important that your bowel is as clean as possible before your procedure. Please carefully follow the instructions that we have provided to you. DO NOT follow the instructions on the packet. If you have any queries regarding the bowel preparation please telephone our office.

Clear Fluids

Are any fluid that you can see through, examples are; Water, Clear soup (strained chicken broth), Jelly, Clear apple juice, Black tea or coffee, Sports drinks.

Preparation Guide
Preparation Guide


This means nothing to eat or drink. It is important that you have nothing to drink 3 hours prior to your admission time.

Hospital Arrival Time

This is the time as stated in your covering letter as “Time of Admission”. We have staggered your admission time so that you will not be waiting around for too long. Please do not arrive at the hospital any earlier.

Time in Hospital

Please allow 3 to 5 hours for your procedure. The nursing staff will contact your designated driver when it is time for you to be collected after your procedure.

Driving Home

An adult MUST collect you from the Endoscopy Unit. You MUST NOT drive or use public transport as you have had a twilight sedation.

Medical Certificate

If you require a Medical certificate, please ask your doctor and he will provide one on the day of your procedure.

Post Operative Appointment

If the Doctor wishes to see you after your procedure our staff will make an appointment for you. Otherwise, please make an appointment with your referring GP to discuss your results.