Consultation Fees

Private health insurance does not cover the costs of consultations. Medicare will cover a portion of the cost however there will be an “out of pocket cost” of between $45 – $150 depending on the length and complexity of the consultation. We encourage you to settle the account on the day and we can send the claim directly to Medicare on your behalf. Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and Amex facilities are available. If you are a pensioner, student or have a Health Care Card you will be charged a discounted fee.
You will require a valid referral from your GP to claim the Medicare rebate. WA Gastro Services is not a bulk billing clinic.


Procedure Fees

Private Hospital Facility Cost
Depending on your level of cover and your chosen excess with your health fund, there may be an out of pocket cost for the private hospital facility. You will need to contact your insurer to confirm what this may be.When contacting your insurer you will need to quote the following:

Procedure Item Number

Colonoscopy 32222, Gastroscopy 30473

Provider Numbers

Dr Crostella: 040947CA,

Dr Goel:513203CJ

Doctors Fee

Both Dr Crostella and Dr Goel are “Gap Providers” meaning if you have private health insurance there will be no cost to yourself for their fee. Upon completion of your procedure we will bill your health fund directly.
Anaesthetist Fee

There may also be an out of pocket or gap fee for the anaesthetist. At the time of booking your procedure we will inform you of the anaesthetist’s details so you may contact them and discuss what this fee may be.

Uninsured Patients

For uninsured patients or patients who do not have a Medicare Card who wish to have their procedure performed in a private hospital facility, a quote will be provided upon request. Full payment of the procedure will be required 48 hours prior to the procedure. After your procedure we will submit your claim directly to Medicare.

If you wish to have your procedure in a public hospital please request that your GP write you a direct access referral.